SciPy 2018 Sponsor Job Listings

One of the goals of the SciPy Conference is to connect the individuals in the SciPy community with organizations that are looking for the best and brightest scientific Python talent. To do so, we offer our Sponsors for the 2018 conference the opportunity to post their job listings on our SciPy Conference website. In addition, gold and platinum sponsors will participate in the conference job fair Wednesday, July 11th at 5:30 pm. The job fair is open to the public.
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Enthought, Inc.

If you are passionate about scientific and analytic computing, dedicated to quality, and pragmatic about problem solving, we'd love to hear from you. While domain expertise and strong technical skills are almost always required, we tend to weigh "really smart," "highly productive," and "dedicated to developing quality products" more heavily than any specific skill set or degree. If all of this seems interesting, click the job links below to view more and apply:

Software Developer: Scientific Applications
Python Technical Trainer

We are hiring! Launch your career and solve national security challenges through scientific excellence. Visit our careers page for more information. Featured openings include:

The D.E. Shaw Group

Quantitative Analyst


Quants at the D. E. Shaw group apply mathematical techniques and write software to develop, analyze, and implement statistical models for our computerized financial trading strategies. They utilize their creativity and innovation to create novel approaches to trade profitably in markets around the globe. Specific responsibilities range from leveraging financial data in an effort to increase profitability, decrease risk, and reduce transaction costs to conceiving new trading ideas, formulating them into systematic strategies, and critically evaluating their performance. Successful quant candidates have traditionally been exceptionally talented students at the top of their respective statistics, math, physics, engineering, and computer science programs; a considerable number have also competed successfully in the United States and International Math Olympiads as well as the Putnam Competition.


Software Developer


Technology is integral to virtually everything the D. E. Shaw group does, which is why we seek exceptional software developers with a range of quantitative and programming abilities.  Members of our technical staff collaborate on challenging problems that directly impact the firm’s continued success, utilizing their strong analytical, mathematical, and software design skills as well as some of the most advanced computing resources in the world.  Specific responsibilities may include formulating statistical models for our computerized trading strategies, developing distributed systems to analyze and react to incoming data in real-time, and creating tools for advanced mathematical modeling.  Successful developer candidates have traditionally been the top students in their programs and have extensive software development experience.  We welcome outstanding candidates at all experience levels.


IT/Enterprise: Security Engineer


The D. E. Shaw group seeks a Security Engineer to join its IT/Enterprise group. This individual will work on the development and execution of the firm's information security program to improve the security posture of a fast-paced, large-scale IT environment. The engineer will collaborate with development and infrastructure teams on the security design of new solutions, perform security reviews of new and existing systems, and design, build, and operate innovative tools to improve internal security operations. The engineer will also act as first response and work with system owners to remediate security-related incidents. Projects will span a wide range, including application security reviews, design of source code protection mechanisms, establishment of network demarcation points, and investigation of security incidents.

A strong candidate will possess a solid grasp of computer security principles and a practical understanding of how security fails in the real world. The candidate will also have prior exposure to fundamental mechanisms behind computer attacks and corresponding mitigation techniques, as well as knowledge of current and emerging attack trends. Relevant hands-on experience with penetration testing and application security, or incident response and security infrastructure, is desired. Communication skills are also essential, as the role entails significant interaction with different departments in the organization.

For more information, see

Artemis Capital Management

Artemis is a fast-growing and award-winning Austin-based quantitative hedge fund looking to hire a talented Quantitative Researcher/Data Scientist to build systems predicting volatility regimes in financial markets. The Artemis role provides an opportunity for intellectual freedom in a fast-growing and award-winning hedge fund with a direct connection between performance and compensation. If you are an entrepreneurial and creative self-starter with broad knowledge of existing data mining algorithms, we’d love to hear from you. Click the job link below to learn more.

Quantative Researcher and Programmer

Sandia National Laboratories

We are seeking a creative, motivated Python programmer  interested in taking on the challenge of developing and implementing unique computer vision and imaging analytics solutions for a wide variety of tests carried out in challenging environments, including explosive, fireball, underwater, rocket sled track, and cable pull-down tests. You should enjoy working in both the laboratory and field and have strong technical analysis skills and engineering practices. Watch a video showing the type of work we do:
Job posting at:

In addition, we have a over 20 python job opportunities spanning all experience levels (intern, postdoc, entry-level, and experienced) supporting research & development, corporate IT systems, and software development. To explore these opportunities, visit and search keyword “Python.” 

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

JHU/APL is a University Affiliated Research Center, an independent division of the Johns Hopkins University that was formed back in World War 2 to originally help the Navy’s bombs and rockets be more effective in hitting intended targets. Specifically, APL developed what is called a proximity fuse which sensed when a bomb was near a large metal mass such as a ship and to detonate the bomb accordingly. Our mission in the Air & Missile Defense Sector at JHU/APL is to advance the ability of our nation & its military services to defend themselves & others against cruise & ballistic missiles & threat aircraft. We will achieve this through innovative, effective, & affordable system solutions to the most difficult challenges posed by evolving air & missile threats. What Does It Take to Make It Happen? A Comprehensive Systematic Approach… and you! Click on the job links below and learn more to apply:

Radar Systems Engineer

FPGA Engineer

Software Engineer

Capital One

At Capital One, data is at the center of everything we do. As a Data Scientist at Capital One, you’ll be part of a team that’s leading the next wave of disruption at a whole new scale, using cloud computing technologies and operating across massive datasets to unlock the big opportunities that help everyday people save money, time and difficulty in their financial lives. 
Data Science


Bloomberg’s core product, the Terminal, is a must-have for the most influential people in finance. Key participants in the financial markets depend on the Terminal to trade, manage risk, consume information, and navigate time-critical decisions. We trust our teams to choose the right technologies for the job, and, at Bloomberg, the answer is often Python. We have a grassroots community of Python developers who have their hands in everything: from financial analysis to data science to contributing to open source technologies like Jupyter.

If you'd like to join our team, click the job links below to learn more and apply:

New York

·         Performance Engineer - Real-Time Distribution Platform

·         Platform Infrastructure Engineer

·         2018 Software Engineer

·         Senior Python Software Engineer/ Architect - BQL Team

·         Senior Python Engineer - Data License


San Francisco

·         Senior Python Engineer - San Francisco


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