Information for Talk and Poster Presenters

Have You Registered?

All speakers and poster presenters need to register.  As a community conference we can't waive these fees as they are used for direct conference expenses and are essential to keeping the conference at the high quality it is.

Bio Information for Presenters Page

Please send a brief bio, title, organization, and photo (if desired) to so we can include you on the presenters page.

Review and Proceedings

Each abstract was peer-reviewed by multiple members of the Program Committee Board. Optional papers will be published in the conference proceedings and are being requested requested following abstract acceptance. This year, we hope to have the proceedings available prior to the conference to help attendees navigate the conference.

Full papers are also encouraged to accompany all accepted talks and posters. These will be reviewed for inclusion in the proceedings. Instructions for submitting a full paper can be found here: Submissions for review will be due May 14th, at which point reviews will begin. By working synchronously with your reviewers, all final revisions will be due June 25th. Please address any questions about full paper submission to Proceedings Co-Chairs David Lippa dalippa [at], DillonNiederhut dniederhut [at] and M Pacer [at] .

  • May 14: First Draft Paper Submission Due
  • May 15- June 25: Review and Revision of Full Papers
  • June 25: Final Full Paper Revisions Due
  • July 9: Conference Ready Proceedings Published
  • July 30: Final Proceedings Published
If you choose to submit a paper to the SciPy Proceedings, you grant the SciPy Conference the right to publish the paper in the SciPy Proceedings and to register the paper for a DOI.

Talk Guidelines

Speakers are encouraged to use their own laptops to present, though the session chair may provide a laptop for speakers who do not have one. We will have standard VGA, DVI, HDMI and some standard mac adapters to connect your computer to the projector. If your computer needs a special adapter, please plan to bring one along.

Talks are scheduled for 25 minutes each and 5 minutes for passing to the next talk.  Please plan a 20-22 minute talk to allow time for questions.

Poster Guidelines

Poster presenters are asked to set up your posters, in the Ballroom before 9:00 am on Wednesday, July 11th. (The Grand Ballroom will be available for set up between 7:30 and 9:00 am on Wednesday, July 11th.) Your poster will remain on display there through the entirety of the conference. Presenters will stand near their posters during the poster session, Wednesday evening. Please retrieve your poster on Friday, July 13th during the lunch break.

Please bring a poster of reasonable size. Our poster stands are made up of 2 upright poles, 2 horizontal bars and 2 bases (no wheels.) Posters are commonly 36 or 42 inches tall and can be 72 inches wide. Posters that are taller can hang below the bottom horizontal bar.

We use foam core board on our stands in case someone needs to pin something to the background. We provide large metal clips to fasten posters to the metal bars if needed, and we will have some thumbtacks available to help fasten items to the foam core boards, if needed.

If you need to make any changes to the title, description or co-authors on your talk or poster, please contact Jill Cowan