Hitting the Mark: Optimizing Astronomical Targeting and Observing Strategy Using Open Data

In 2020, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey V will undertake a five-year, all-sky, ground-based spectroscopic survey of several million objects with a state-of the-art robotic fiber positioning system. Key to survey success is the development of efficient target selection algorithms as well as the optimization of observing strategy. In this talk, we will provide an overview of the targeting and observing software products, which take into account various parameters and constraints. We will discuss the results of our observation simulations and compare them to theoretically-generated target catalogs and sky coverage maps.

 Speaker: Jennifer Sobeck, University of Washington
Jake   VanderPlasSpeaker: Jake VanderPlas PhD, Director of Research – Physical Sciences, eScience Institute, University of Washington
 Speaker: Jose Sanchez-Gallego, University of Washington
 Speaker: Conor Sayres, University of Washington