PyOpenSci: A Community for Reproducible Research and Scientific Code Reviews BoF

ROpenSci is an organization that builds tools to support the creation of scientific software; a community of users and developers; and a group that educates scientists about transparent research practices. As part of ROpenSci, researchers can also partner for code reviews (scripts and deployed packages). https://ropensci.org/about/ ROpenSci packages are carefully vetted, staff- and community-contributed R software tools that lower barriers to working with scientific data sources and data that support research applications on the web. Some examples: standardized templates for data visualization and data validation; quality checks for scientific software packages; etc. https://ropensci.org/packages/ This open discussion would be focused on testing interest for creating a similar organization for the Python community. We will also discuss existing Python tools for reproducibility, and existing publications that support these goals (ex: http://distill.pub).