Organic Molecules in Space: Insights from the NASA Ames Molecular Database in the era of the James Webb Space Telescope

We present the software tool pyPAHdb to the scientific astronomical community, which is used to characterize emission from one of the prevalent types of organic molecules in space, namely polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). It leverages the detailed studies of organic molecules done at NASA Ames. pyPAHdb is a streamlined Python version of the NASA Ames PAH IR Spectroscopic Database (PAHdb; http://www.astrochemistry.org/pahdb). PAHdb has been extensively used to analyze and interpret the PAH signature from a plethora of emission sources, ranging from solar-system objects to entire galaxies. pyPAHdb has the capability to interface with the spectroscopic libraries of PAHdb, model the detailed photo-physics of the PAH excitation/emission-process, and, through a database-fitting technique, decompose the PAH emission into contributing PAH subclasses in terms of charge, size, structure and composition.

 Speaker: Matthew Shannon, NASA/Universities Space Research Association
 Speaker: Christiaan Boersma, NASA/San José State University Research Foundation